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Readers' comment on "Runaway Reindeer"

Great reindeer story. Let's try and double date sometime.

At first I was offended by the use of reindeer, which of course are a symbol of the 3-4 major anti-Semitic political parties in Norway. But something about your simple holiday story touched me in a way that made all that seem petty & irrelevant, and I realized, "Hey -- it's not the tiny reindeer who hate Jews -- it's the Norwegians!" Thanks for teaching this old reindeerphobe a thing or two about the real meaning of friendship . . . and the Christmas Season!

It made me awwww...... 

What an enlightening story entwined with pathos and electric with adventures that brighten our seasonally decorative desires!  Thank you!

All the best,

Janko Keverinski (Noted New England Reindeer Critic)

Can I just get 3 or 4 cards? I have no friends.

Extremely inspiring and wonderful.

www.boston.com: "an emotional rollercoaster."

Brilliant. And yes, photographs are stunning.

People think the reindeer's cool.

www.bostonist.com: "Brilliant."

I love it. Really touching.

It made my heart grow three sizes.

www.universalhub.com: "...the best love story ever."

If your slideshow makes me cry, will the reindeer hand me a tissue? Beautiful work.

I was feeling harried by the holidays and taking a minute to contemplate your story made me pause and feel, I don't know.... I guess grateful for those around me, friends and family...

BRILLIANT! I loved it almost as much as the Gates.

Thank you for taking the time to do it. It helps us all to be brought back to the real spirit of the holidays.

I loved Runaway Reindeer (and the Somerville Gates). 

Beautifully done. I'm not codependent, I think. Just perhaps slightly crazy.

are you in ME for the holidays?

I was moved to tears...I was overcome with emotion that your vision elicited...I know why the caged bird sings.

are they the kind that move their heads?

If I had a yard I would definitely put some out there.

Brilliant...once again.

I love this gorgeous piece (the ICA just opened this past weekend, right?) although I'm amazed at the time consumed by making it.

i love the image of the reindeer in front of that big kuma tag.... totally brilliant!

This is pretty neat.

Strange and haunting. More sad than funny. Who's Remi?

Brilliantly done! Cheers from Houston.

You did a great job hiding the wiring.

Are you behind the MOBA mailings I've received?

Do reindeers fun on batteries? or pixie dust? or ether? I always assumed they were plugged in, but looks like they wander pretty far from the outlet.

what/who is kuma? comforter or nemesis?

You have truly captured the soulfulness of these luminous creatures.

Like the Runaway Reindeer, I too like to be lit during the holiday season. What are the Runaway Reindeer like the other 11 months of the year?

If you are on crack, I will supply you.

Very nice and even tender. And I'm also glad to see that you two are acknowledging your relationship at last, but when will Steve's name be added to the Love column - let's make this thing interesting!

I am forwarding to my 50 closest friends (hope that's okay!)... (ok, not 50)

LOVE LOVE LOVE it! but two questions, number 1 - are the reindeer called remi and hargo, and number 2 - if so, are they in love????

That was a beautiful story, heart rending yet uplifting. Thank you and happy holidays.

Wow! Terrific! I love it!

Margaret Wise Brown is turning in her grave.

nice.... my kids like it in 5th grade.

Do I have to call you Hargo now?

For individually distinguished artist like yourself, how challenging was it to work with another artist? I mean, Remi is no lightweight himself. I recall his work being HOT in the Artcetera auction this year.

So happy no animals were hurt. Who could not be fascinated by you?

Love it! Love the whole thing!

If you get jailed for trespassing, I will post bail for you.

It's so sweet.

After viewing I have a new sense of hope. Hope for all of mankind. A sense of purpose.

How much to meet the reindeer in person???????

It brought tears to my eyes. Will eagerly await the sequel... "Goodnight Rudolph."

Send us your questions and if it's either really interesting or really stupid, we'll post it here. Thank you all for your interest in our work.


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read the story again