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Frequently Asked Questions About "Runaway Reindeer"

Q: Are the reindeer in a parent-child relationship, or are they a couple?
A: As with real life, our roles are ever-changing. You should assume reindeer are no different.

Q: Do the reindeer have names?
A: At one point they did, but we forgot them.

Q: I noticed one of the photos is of the ICA. When will that ever open????
A: Oh, it's open.

Q: I am an avid art collector and have a gigantic photography collection with many artists you have heard of, and I sense you are about to break out into greatness with this project. I didn't see your work at Art Basel Miami this year. Can I buy any of these prints directly from you?
A: We are working on that. Let's have a beer sometime and talk about it, but until then, write to us and we'll tell you what we have.

Q: Woher dieses kam Ren? Sie sind sehr interessant!
A: Das Home Depot.

Q: Who is Kuma?
A: We don't know, but we can tell you... it was scary.

Q: Can I bring my kids to see your reindeer tomorrow night after the basketball game?
A: No.

Q: The story seems rather sad and meloncholoy. Does that mean you came from a disfunctional family? Or is that the way you see life in general?
A: I'm sorry, we're going to have to stop now.

Q: Did anyone laugh at you (not with you) during your shoots?
A: Yes, often. We are just a couple of shy artists and felt extremely uncomfortable at times.

Q: What is the typical reindeer diet?
A: They only seem to consume electricity.

Send us your questions and if it's either really interesting or really stupid, we'll post it here. Thank you all for your interest in our work.

Oh, we almost forgot... happy holidays!


Hargo and Remi

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